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Specialist physiotherapy

Until we are able to offer our group classes once again, we are very happy to be providing one to one appointments and online classes to support the MS Community.  Our physios are continuing to concentrate on the 5 focus areas of Coordination, Gait, Aerobic activity, Balance and Posture so important for those with MS.  Our appointments also make excellent use of the various pieces of equipment that we have at the Centre all in a COVID safe way.

For more details on how to book one of our appointments or access our online classes please contact us

Our therapies can make a real difference to your well-being as is experienced by our attendees on a regular basis.

Our specialist physiotherapists tailor classes to help you with your balance and coordination, your posture and gait and also suggest appropriate aerobic exercises for you.  They also provide support on how to get the best from our specialist equipment to help focus on specific areas.

This weekly attention means that you are given the very best ongoing support to ensure that you are as well as you can be, and we’ll give you the tools to do more at home if you’d like to. 

Our Members tell us how much the Centre means to them, both physically and emotionally, and notice a big difference to their health on joining.  You’re sure to become firm friends with your class mates, have a laugh and share tips on how to best to live well with MS.


Members doing balance exercises


Members doing coordination exercises


Members doing posture exercises


Members doing gait exercises


Other therapies available

Current restrictions means that we are unable to offer our additional therapies but these will be resumed as soon as it is safe to do so.

As well as our tailored physio classes, we offer many other therapies to help you manage the symptoms of your own MS.


APS pain relief

APS pain relief









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Donations are really important to the continued running of the Ryan MS Therapy Centre, particularly as we receive no government funding.